In principle, the delivery date stated in my quotation is the latest date and time when you will receive your translated text. I always endeavour to deliver well before that date and time. In the rare event that I am unable to comply with that date and time, I will notify you as soon as it looks like the delivery date and time might be in jeopardy.

The delivery date and time usually depends on my current workload, the length of your source text and the agreed additional services. Never ever will translators simply copy and paste a source text into some software, click a button and then the translation is done within just a few moments. In principle, any translation is individual good old handi- and headwork. Always plan for enough time for the translation, at least as long as it took the author to finish the source text. Should you require the translation on a certain date and time, please tell me so upon enquiry so that I can check whether I can deliver by your desired date and time.

I will deliver the target text the same way I have received the source text. The file format will correspond to the file format of the source text, unless the source text was a PDF file or an image file. Should you require a different way of delivery or a certain file format, please tell me so upon enquiry so that I can check whether I can comply with that requirement.

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