I am offering group trainings to groups who wish to learn Across. Such groups may be:

  • LSP
  • Group of several fellow translators
  • Translator Association
  • Translation Education Institutions
  • Other groups

I can deliver such group trainings as single webinar with a maximum length of 1.5 hours, a series of webinars with a client-defined number of webinars and a maximum length of 1.5 hours per webinar, or as one-day or two-days classroom seminars. The content of group trainings also depends on the specific needs. I am charging my fee for webinars on a per-webinar-basis, or in the event of classroom seminars, either on the basis of a daily fee plus travel, board and lodging expenses if facilities and catering is provided by the client or on a per-attendee-basis if I also have to take care of facilities and catering.

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